How To Best Clean Your Windows

Calcium build up is common on all windows that get sprayed by our home sprinklers and egress windows are sprayed every day. This leave the hazy mess, indoor windows too become dirty from air particulates and kitchen grease. How then can you clean and leave a spot free finish on your windows? We want to help, here is some advice we can give.

Note, first you should wear gloves and do not spray yourself with anything.
If the stains cover the whole window and the stains are old, we recommend you save your time and hire a professional window cleaner.

  1. Mix in a spray bottle a solution of half water and half vinegar.
  2. Also soak a towel in the same solution.
  3. Forcible press the towel on rough spots on the window and spray the rest of the window. Wipe with the wet towel the window after waiting for two minutes. If the hard deposits remain, spray and leave a damped single sheet paper towel on the window for half an hour.

    If the towel will not remain on the window instead sprinkle baking soda on the stain and scrub with a nylon scrub pad.
  1. Repeat several times to best clean the outdoor windows.
  2. After it is clean use window spray to wipe down the window with a rag not a paper towel.

Other solutions you can use are lemon juice, toothpaste, white wine or products such as CLR, Kaboom and Lime-away which are only recommended to be used on outside windows. If the windows were not clear after using vinegar and baking soda, hire a professional window cleaner, from experience some stains are too tough and old to clean on your own.