How do I increase the value of my home?

As a window provider and installation professional company we always recommend replacing old windows with energy efficient windows. Windows are a big contributor heat loss and keeping a house cool in the summer from the sun with low-E windows.

Second, remodeling or a home addition to add a room to your home, sometimes its easier to add an egress window to a basement to qualify the room as a additional room when selling the home. However the room must have a seven foot ceiling.*

An easy way is to clean up your yard and improve the home’s landscaping. Another outdoor item to add to your home we learn had a high yield in return was installing manufactured stone veneer on the outside of your house.

Similarly fix up your interior with a fresh paint, fix damages, have a professional regular do the maintenance on the roof, siding, exterior paint and other important items. Its vital to maintain the home as having to replace damaged things such as with not properly protecting the siding is more expensive than painting it properly every five to ten years.

*We know the code well and we will properly install the window
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